The Chakras of the Earth and Ley Lines

Just like we have our own energy centers or chakras, Mother Earth also has hers.

When you start looking into the nature of this Universe and the Earth, you will start to see how everything is a mirror. Within us is a Universe, around us is a Universe and we are all connected.

We are connected to Mother Earth through the subtle electrical current that runs around the entire planet. These electrical currents are known as “Ley Lines” and are almost like Mother Earth’s veins.

Just like we have veins that flow in and out of the heart, Mother Earth has Ley Lines, which are lines of energy that coil around the earth in a similar fashion as a strand of DNA.

ley lines

In fact, where the Ley Lines intersect are believed to be high points of energy or high concentrations of electrical charge.

These Ley Lines are also said to be able to take information or energy from these higher vibrational points and carry them around the world, spreading knowledge and wisdom to all inhabitants.

These intersecting points along the Ley Lines are also coincidentally home to some of the most sacred temples and monuments in the world including the Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and Angkor Wat.

When you look into advanced civilisations like the Ancient Egyptians, it is clear that they seemed to understand the energy and power of Ley Lines.

In fact, most ancient cultures around the world seem to have some understanding of Ley Lines. In China they are known as Dragon Lines. In South America the Shaman’s referred to them as Spirit Lines, in Australia the ancient Aboriginals called them Dream Lines and in the west they are referred to as Ley Lines.

What is also interesting to note is that where the Ley Lines intersect and meet, they also align perfectly with astrological constellations.

If you think of these Ley Lines as Mother Earth’s energy currents, you will begin to see how it is possible that Mother Earth also has energy centers or chakras.

It is believed that these are the Chakra’s of Mother Earth –

chakras of the earth

Root Chakra

Mount Shasta, California, USA

Mt. Shasta is part of the Cascade Mountain Range which runs from Northern California into Oregon and all the way up to the Canadian border. Mt. Shasta is believed to be one of the most electrically charged mountains but the whole area is also buzzing with energy. This area is believed to be the base of Mother Earth’s energy system.

Sacral Chakra

Lake Titicaca, Peru-Boliva, South America

The Titicaca Stone is the geometrical center for the Solar Plexus Chakra of Mother Earth. The surrounding area of Machu Picchu, Cuzco and Iquitos are also believed to have a very high energy.

Two Ley lines intersect at Lake Titicaca, these include the Male Great Dragon Ley Line which runs from Mt. Shasta to Lake Titicaca and the Female Great Dragon Ley line.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Uluru- Kata Tijuta, Northern Territory, Australia

Uluru and an area called Kata Tjuta is believed to be the Solar Plexus charka of the earth. These areas are still considered sacred to the native Aboriginals today. The Female Great Dragon Ley Line connects both Lake Titicaca and Uluru.

Heart Chakra

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge as well as the surrounding areas of Glastonbury, Somerset, Shaftesbury and Dorset all form the heart chakra of Mother Earth. Where Stonehenge is constructed is the strongest point of all of this energy. Again, the Female Great Dragon Ley Line connects Uluru to Stonehenge.

Throat Chakra

The Great Pyramid, Jerusalem, Mt. Sinai and Mt. Olives (Middle East)

The throat chakra of Mother Earth includes the area of the Great Pyramid, Mt Sinai and the Mount of Olives which is located in Jerusalem. The throat chakra is one of the largest energy centers of Mother Earth, which indicates its importance at this particular time in our history. It is also the only energy center that is not connected to the Male or Female Great Dragon Ley Line.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye chakra is the only one that moves, this is due to the the movement of Earth’s axis. The Third Eye chakra moves every 150-200 years or every aeon. These aeons are also lined up with astrological constellations. It is believed that in 2012 we shifted into the Age of Aquarius, which means the Third Eye chakra is currently located in Western Europe near Stonehenge. When we shift into the Age of Capricorn, the Third Eye chakra will move to Brazil.

Crown Chakra

Mt. Kailas (Himalayan Mountains) Tibet

Mt. Kailas is considered to be the most sacred mountain of the Himalayas and is located in Tibet. This is the Crown Chakra of Mother Earth and is believed to be connected to the Scorpio Full Moon.

In fact, many locals harness the energy of Mt. Kailas on the night of the Scorpio Full Moon, which typically happens once a year in April or May. For Mother Earth, this Full Moon marks the start of a new evolution and a new cycle of energy, as Scorpio is connected to the idea of death and rebirth.

Even though these 7 chakras have a very high energy, there are also other high points of energy around the world where the Ley Lines travel. These include-

  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Karachi, Pakistan
  • Devil’s Sea Triangle (Japan)
  • Mount Fuji, Japan
  • Maui, Hawaii
  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Findhorn, Scotland
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Easter Island
  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  • Sarawak, Borneo
  • Gabon (West Africa)
  • Capetown, South Africa
  • Lake Taupo, New Zealand

And there are probably many more!


Negative Spirituality vs. Positive Spirituality: Which Side Are You On?

Spirituality is a BIG idea, but not all spirituality is cut from the same cloth. By my observation, spirituality can largely be split into two separate camps: “positive spirituality” and “negative spirituality.”

Maybe you’ve noticed this too.

The longer I’ve worked in the field of the Law of Attraction, the more evident this has become to me. People of the spiritual community are often similarly drawn to ideas like energy, creation and the age old question of “what the hell does all of this mean?” However, we often focus on different aspects of these issues. 

Further, as a student and teacher of the Law of Attraction, I notice that positive definitions of spirituality lead to positive emotions and life experiences. A negative definition of spirituality typically leads to less desirable emotions and life experiences.

So, with that being said, here are my definitions for positive and negative spirituality. 

Please note: Below I state two polarities, but many people will lie somewhere in the middle of the spectrum (at least some of the time).

“Negative Spirituality” often focuses on:

  1. Spreading conspiracy theories in an attempt to educate others of injustice. 
  2. Saving the world (or the idea that the world is in trouble and needs to be saved).
  3. Either isolating the self from toxic people & environments, or fighting against them.
  4. Politics and government/idea of being controlled by people and systems.
  5. Holding on to rigid ideas about proper diet, behavior and lifestyle.

“Positive Spirituality” often focuses on:

  1. Spreading love and kindness to uplift the self and others.
  2. Focusing on what’s right in the world.
  3. Engaging with all kinds of people and environments without feeling the need to protect oneself.
  4. Feeling unlimited and unrestrained by government/politics/big business.
  5. Letting go of limitations/flexibility in definitions about the “correct way to live.”

Now, I know that as I often write to a spiritual audience, not everyone will probably like the definitions I’ve set in place here, but that’s ok.

There’s nothing that says you have to follow the viewpoints and actions of those in the camp of what I call “positive spirituality.” You are more than welcome to focus your spirituality wherever you like.

My point here is just to note my observation: those who tend to hover in the “negative spirituality” camp often appear to suffer more from emotional distress. By contrast, those who tend to hover in the “positive spirituality” camp seem to be more at ease and happy with life.

At least, this has been my experience as a Law of Attraction coach.

It makes sense if you think about it.

If you believe you live in a world that needs to be saved, you will likely feel helpless. Feeling helpless leads to suffering.

From a state of suffering, you tap into a world that reflects your suffering in greater and greater measure (thanks to the Law of Attraction). You see all the aspects of reality that reflect negativity and limitation.

If you believe you live in a world that is inherently good and capable of creating its own solutions and possibilities, you will likely let yourself off the hook. You’ll allow yourself to enjoy your corner of the universe without feeling helpless to do a job that feels too big to accomplish.

From a state of acceptance and joy, you tap into a world that reflects your acceptance and joy. You see all the aspects of reality that reflect positivity and possibility.

Switching from Negative to Positive

Now, there was a time when I myself was lured by ideas of negative spirituality. I spent a lot of time thinking about things like the Occupy movement, Anonymous, GMOs, corruption, and toxic people. I felt overwhelmed by how bad the world was, and felt the need to rage against the problems. 

Today, however, I don’t think the world is broken and it certainly doesn’t need me to fix it. As a result, my reality has supported this belief more and more. I see more positive than negative, and not only that, I see the positive in the negative now.

In other words, I’ve seen both sides. I just happen to like the positive camp much better.

At the end of the day, you are welcome to hang out on whatever side of spirituality you prefer. I just write this to say it’s bright and sunny over here on this side of things. Anyone who cares to come over is always embraced, and you’ll be amazed by what great things you’ll find.


Fluoride Now Officially Harmful

A few weeks ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was served with a Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) petition, from a coalition of environmental, medical, and health groups, including national non-profit Moms Against Fluoridation (MAF). This notice is calling on the agency to completely ban the addition of artificial fluoridation chemicals to public water supplies due to an astounding amount of evidence that proves the risks that the consumption of such chemicals pose to the brain.

The TSCA Petition includes over 2500 pages of scientific documents to support its claims that drinking water that has been fluoridated has the potential to cause profound harmful effects on the brain. These effects were not yet understood years ago when communities began adding fluoride and other chemicals to the municipal drinking water supply.

Science is now a lot more sophisticated than it was at that time, and the proper laboratory tools and technologies are now available to more accurately examine the brain in greater detail. The petition reveals evidence of broad changes to the brain due to water fluoridation such as: IQ deficits, neuroanatomical and chemical effects, and the dire concerns of the effects on the developing fetal brain.

“In times past when fluoridation was instituted, science only had the scalpel or basic X-ray technology, and we simply weren’t able to assess the brain in the way technology can today,” states MAF leadership.

Because this petition was filed under the TSCA it authorizes the EPA with the ability to prohibit the “particular use” of a chemical that presents an “unreasonable risk” to the general public or any sub-populations that are susceptible. This petition argues that the addition of artificial water fluoridation chemicals now absolutely constitutes an “unreasonable risk” to citizens. These risks have now been revealed by 196 new scientific studies that are included in the petition.

Over A Decade Of Increasing Scientific Concern

“…it is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain and the body by direct and indirect means.”

“Not only do fluorides [adversely] affect transmitter concentrations and functions but also are involved in the regulation of glucagon, prostaglandins, and a number of central nervous system peptides including vasopressin… and other hypothalamic peptides.”

“Fluorides also increase the production of free radicals in the brain through several different biological pathways. These changes have a bearing on the possibility that fluorides act to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dozens more findings such as the ones listed above were published in the 507 page NRC report.

If you’re wondering about the reported benefits that drinking fluoridated water has on our teeth, well those questions were addressed as well. Author of the petition, Michael Connet says, “It is now understood that fluoride’s predominant effect on tooth decay comes from topical contact with the teeth, not ingestion.”

The Petition states: “Since there is little benefit in swallowing fluoride, there is little justification in exposing the public to any risk of fluoride neurotoxicity…”

“It is important to note,” says a MAF representative, “that not only does it appear that drinking fluoride does nothing for the enamel, but not a single long-term fluoridation safety trial has ever been conducted on the fetus, the brain or the thyroid by our government. Not one.”

It certainly appears as though the government has not done any safety trials on the effects of fluoride at all, but luckily there are many scientists around the world that are interested in fluoride and its toxic effects. The research has become so extensive that it can now be classified as in the same category as lead, mercury and PCBs as one of the “developmental neurotoxicants” according to the journal, Lancet Neurology.

Physicians are also deeply concerned about adding this chemical to the drinking water, as Angela Hind, M.D. notes: “Right now we have 1 in 6 children in the U.S. with neuro-developmental brain disease, including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, low IQ and behavioral disorders, and 1 in 8 women who will develop thyroid disease. These two epidemics tell us that chemicals like fluoride and lead, both developmental neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors, have no place in our public water.”

Leading professionals in the field of dentistry are bothered as well. “As a practicing general dentist of 39 years, I was stunned when I saw the studies demonstrating the effects that drinking artificial fluoridation chemicals can have on the body—particularly, on the brain,” comments Dr. Bill Osmunson, D.D.S. of Bellevue, Washington.

“This Petition is a watershed,” adds MAF. “Just as people once thought lead, DDT and asbestos were safe, there was a time, after much work and pushing by the people, when those erroneous assumptions shifted and the policies were forced to change. This is now that time for artificial fluoridation chemicals, as the science raises far too many concerns, and the EPA must act to protect the people.”

Various organizations supporting this petition include Moms Against Fluoridation, The Fluoride Action Network, Food and Water Watch, Organic Consumers Association, The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and many other individual co-petitioners.

The Cat Is Finally Out Of The Bag

Did you know that the majority of Europe has rejected water fluroidation? That alone should make you question- why? Someone once brought up an interesting point, they say fluoride is good for our teeth, so they add it in unregulated amounts to our drinking water. If they really cared that much for our health, wouldn’t they be adding essential vitamins and minerals as well? Do they really care about the health of our teeth. Something to consider.

No longer can this crucial research go unnoticed and ignored. The evidence is there, how can they even reject this petition? It’s all there. Only time will tell how this situation is handled. The EPA has 90 days to respond.

If you would like to view the petition you can do so here:

Thank you so much for all of the hard work to all those diligent and dedicated people who were involved in putting this research together and presenting this petition. This is so important, and it would appear that there is nothing they can say now and water fluoridation will hopefully become a thing of the past, that we look back and say, “What were we thinking? How could we have ever thought that was a good idea to begin with? “


5 Secrets to Wu Wei, the Taoist Principle of Effortless Effort

As we progress through the process of ascension, several stages occur. Among them is a shake-up which inspires an initial awakening, then the full realization of truth, followed by the development of discernment to ascertain a correct course of action. We wouldn’t try to ride a bicycle before building one, nor would we attempt to sail an ocean without a boat. When things get challenging in life, we can check to see if we are practicing Wu Wei in order to refine our actions. This is the art of effortless action as described in Taoist teachings.

1. No Action Doesn’t Mean ‘Nothing’ Happens

The Tao does nothing and yet nothing is left undone.” – Lao Tzu

Wu Wei or 無為, translates from Chinese pinyin to mean “no-action” or “actionless action.” This is considered the ‘natural’ way to do things, as opposed to striving, opposing, and forcing, as well as lollygagging, or succumbing to complete inertia. When we are in alignment with the Source, or as Taoists call it, simply, the Tao, then we don’t have to ‘work’ at anything. This is not to be confused with doing nothing. The state of Wu Wei doesn’t give us an excuse to sit on the sidelines, observing life and critiquing others’ actions. Instead, it describes the inspired action of a person who is brimming with life energy, and that has dedicated their actions to a purpose which supports Oneness. This person does not waste energy, though, and moves only when the time is right, and then, with magnificent acumen, and seemingly magical support behind them.

The ancient ideograms and symbols used in the Chinese language and culture offer the most simplistic way to describe wu wei. We can observe this is the simple yin yang symbol. One side is active, or masculine, representing the energy of extending oneself into the world, and the other side of the symbol is passive, or more accurately, receiving, or feminine energy that causes an inward journey.

All Chinese medicine, martial, and internal arts from Tai Chi to acupuncture to meditation aim to help balance the masculine and feminine energies, the doing and ‘not-doing’ you might say, as a way to achieve wu wei.

2. The Cosmos is Not Working Against You

We aren’t sandwiched between heaven and earth, we ARE heaven and earth. To practice wu wei, we must first realize that we are connected to the Oneness of all things. Though we should have clear boundaries, like children given free rein to run and play within the confines of a beautiful park, we also should remain open to vulnerability and the lessons this may teach. Once we are open and protected we can begin to observe nature and embrace universal energy as it ebbs and flows. From there, we learn when to move with that energy – ebbing and flowing with our own actions in accordance with the Oneness of all things. An immense sense of freedom comes from knowing we don’t have to fight against the Cosmos, and understanding that it is never working against us – only we can choose to work against it’s flow.

3. Physical Action Isn’t the Only Action

Another principle of wu wei involves quieting the ever-busy mind. Even if we aren’t ‘doing’ anything physically, often our minds are busier than ever. Wu wei means that we not only quiet the body and its actions, but that we aim to quiet the mind. Otherwise, we will have no idea if we are in Universal flow, or simply acting ‘busy’ out of the needs of the ‘ego,’ we so obsessively align ourselves with.

Even with our meditation practice, we are encouraged not to ‘try too hard.’ Perhaps you’ve seen a mind game that has been installed at several museums around the U.S.. Two people sit across from one another, and attach headbands equipped with electrodes to themselves. Between the players are a group of balls that can only be moved with the brain’s waves, measured as electromagnetic currents through the headband. If a player maintains a state of relaxed calm, essentially a combination of alpha and theta waves produced by the brain when it’s relaxed, then a ball moves up a tube and is placed in a bin. The player with the most ‘balls,’ wins after a certain period of time commences. Those who try too hard, fail, as do those who don’t try hard enough. The combination of alpha and theta waves created by a wu wei mind is what wins the game every time.

Lao Tzu advises that we must be quiet and watchful, learning to listen to both our own inner voices and to the voices of our environment in a non-interfering, receptive manner. This requires a calm, but astute mind.

4. Being at One with the Tao Means Accepting Change

A key principal in Taoism, and the practice of wu wei involves the realization that there is an unceasing flow of change in nature. This change is governed by laws which are unalterable, and rarely perceived except by the most consciously evolved individuals. Fighting these laws of change would be a sisyphean task. Would you try to to stop the changing of the season or the rise and fall of the sun to the horizon? Once you observe this flow of change in nature, you can apply principles of wu wei to your own transformation. Since you are a part and parcel of nature, you will change accordingly. Why not move with that change instead of fight against it – perhaps you can even welcome change the next time it arrives at your doorstep.

5. True Wu Wei Involves Purposeless Wandering

Zhuangzi refers to a type of being in the world that many of us have never considered. He calls it flowing, or more poetically “purposeless wandering.” Most of our cultural values frown upon this type of being. If we have ‘no purpose’ we are often deemed pathological in the context of modern day living. Yet, it would be difficult to maintain that our current values have promoted harmony and balance, either environmentally or for each individual.

In Zhuangzi’s Basic Writings, he states, “you can use the analogy of an artist or craftsman. The skilled woodcarver, the skilled swimmer. . . does not ponder or ratiocinate on the course of action he should take; his skill has become so much a part of him that he merely acts instinctively and spontaneously, without knowing why, and achieves success.” He further describes an enlightened person as being one who wanders through creation enjoying its delights without ever becoming attached to any one part of it.



(Disclaimer: The transition to becoming a Breatharian is not to be taken lightly and a heavy amount of research and dedication to this process is recommended and required if one feels so guided to take this path. In my own experience I failed in this process because I felt that I wasn’t ready. All signs pointed to me not being in the correct state of being/consciousness to achieve this way of life.)

So this is a post I have been wanting to do for a long time as I did some very heavy research into Breatharianism and even experimented with a process that would bring me to state of living solely on the background energy of the cosmos. Now before you dismiss this whole thing I highly recommend doing some more research into this. I will be presenting everything I found in my months and months of constant research into this subject in this post.

I found that this is very real and there are real people living this way without food or water. I believe this may be a facet of the larger process of Ascension as people in the other densities don’t require physical food or water. They subsist on the background energy of the Universe.

I bought up every book and read every article I could find on Breatharianism a couple years ago because I was so intrigued and amazed that this could be a reality. Australia had a very large movement in this direction in the 1990’s and it is believed that at least 30,000 people are living this way today.

Image result for living on light

A woman named Jasmuheen has been one of the more prominent Western voices of this movement and phenomenon and you will find her information frequently if you research this topic. She has a few books out and one of them includes a process on how to transition into a Breatharian. Again, I advise lots and lots of research and spiritual seeking when thinking about taking on something like this.

One thing I found suspicious was the amount of attack and attempts to discredit people seeking this path. If I take what I’ve learned from research into metaphysical topics and ideas we will see over and over again that paid disinformation agents are used to discredit anyone who steps outside of the norm or has information that could liberate us from The Matrix. So it is with this woman and others talking about Breatharianism.

Now for those who may be interested in the 3rd dimensional aspect to this I did find a book titled ‘Life from Light: Is It Possible to Live Without Food? A Scientist Reports on his Experiences‘. This is a German gentleman named Dr. Michael Werner who holds a PhD in chemistry. For the last 19 years as of the time of the writing of his book he had been a managing director of a pharmaceutical research institute at Arlesheim.

After working in the chemical industry for many years he taught chemistry and biology at a Waldorf (Steiner) school in Germany for three years. He was very intrigued by this phenomenon after studying the work and attending a workshop on this information held by Jasmuheen some years back. He intended to get to the bottom of this idea with a very strictly scientific mindset.

Image result for dr michael werner life from light

He reports that his transition to living without food went surprisingly smooth. It is a 21-day process altogether. He goes on to say in his book that at one point during the transition he felt as though his body was being nourished and that this nourishment was coming from the background energy that permeates the Universe.

I’d like to add that science has proven to us that we are nothing more than energy. There is no such thing as physical matter and that all ‘things’ that we perceive are actually in a state of vibration. So with this thinking we could easily discern that we could be tuning into an intelligence that is connected to our bodies that nourishes us if we desire to take on such a path. Dr. Michael Werner postulates that we are actually getting a constant but partial energetic type of nourishment from the Universe but some who feel the desire can take this further and transition to a way of life without the need for food or water altogether.

Dr. Michael Werner decided he would put his way of being up to the scientific standard and submit himself to be heavily monitored on  round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and tested in a special room in the intensive care department of a Swiss hospital. This endeavor was funded by the Asta Blumenfeldt Foundation at Dornach Switzerland.


There were minimal irregularities during this 10 day experiment and he maintained his weight throughout the entire experience. He only slept 2-3 hours a night so he had a lot of downtime during the experience. One of the few things he mentioned that weren’t great was that he as kept in a small room the entire time and didn’t have much access to fresh air which may have affected some of his readings. There is much more information and many testimonials from his book which I highly recommend reading if you are interested in this subject.

In my research I found a woman who wanted to embark on this journey and do an experiment to see if she could indeed, live on light. She is a British woman named Naveena Shine. Here is a short biography of her from a page on Amazon featuring two books she wrote on this and other metaphysical subjects:

“Naveena Shine was born in 1948 in Birmingham England. She became an elementary school teacher in 1966 and spent 10 years working in Liverpool, Tanzania and Abu Dhabi. She has an honors degree in Psychology and finds the workings of the human mind endlessly fascinating.”

Here is another excerpt from her archived website:

“She was educated at Notre Dame High School, Worth, and then trained to be a teacher at Alsager College of Education in Cheshire. In 1970, after her probationary year teaching in Liverpool, Naveena decided she would travel around the world on her own. She hitch-hiked from England to Istanbul and then used an assortment of transportation modalities to go as far as India through Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Pakistan. Her return home was via Afghanistan, Iran and Europe.

In 1972 Naveena went to Liverpool University where she gained an honors degree in Psychology. After that she taught for three years in Arusha, Tanzania and for four years in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She married in 1984 and went to live in the USA. After a multitude of jobs and a nomadic lifestyle, Naveena divorced and went to live in an intentional community near Seattle, WA. She is still a nomad and is exploring different domains of life.”

I followed the majority of her videos on YouTube where she reported her experiences. She was attacked relentlessly in comments and the media. Again we see that anyone who tries to deviate from The Matrix  is quickly shut down and discredited. Naveena was successful in her 47 day experiment and even underwent an intense physical workup before engaging in this endeavor.

Now i’d like to bring some attention to another gentleman named Kirby De Lanerolle who became a Breatharian and decided to share his experience with the world via a TED Talk some years back. As with everyone else who wanted to share information about this phenomenon he was attacked and his TED talk was flagged. It is still up on YouTube and I will share it below:

Kirby is an athlete and has been one of the first people to run a marathon without eating and taking in minimal water. This is again the energy of the background of the Universe nourishing the body and giving it what it needs. Below is a short bio of him:

“Kirby de Lanerolle, the founder of Warehouse Project, Executive Advisor to the Ministry of Social Services, Sri Lanka and Working Director of the National Volunteering Secretariat, is a young Dynamic, Entrepreneur and Visionary, holding directorships and leading positions in both the Private and Public sectors.

Notably, he is also currently the only Breatharian in Sri Lanka. In early October 2012, he accomplished the seemingly impossible feat or completing half a marathon without eating for 2 months.

Excelling also in the field of sports, Kirby is a Gold medalist at the Junior National Level Championship for Rifle Shooting 1995 and has won medals for Boxing, including Gold at the 2005 Sabaragamuwa Provincial Meet and Bronze at the 2005 National Sports Festival.”

The Discovery Channel filmed a documentary about a 15 year old boy Ram Bahadur Bomjon AKA ‘Buddha Boy’ who lived without food for a period of time puzzled journalists and researchers when he allowed himself to be filmed sitting in the same place for 96 hours simply meditating not taking any food or water.

Here is an excerpt from a Collective Evolution article from 2013 about him:

“As previously mentioned, the film footage revealed that Ram showed no signs of dehydration or physical deterioration during his meditation. Even though he sat in the same position for all of this time, his organs and body appeared to be functioning normally. Of course not every detail could be determined as Ram chose to stay in a meditative state the entire time. This meant no one could go and medically study his well being.

After 96 hours of filming, Ram has defied modern science by continuing his meditation and remaining alive.”  -Discovery Channel film crew member

Ram’s meditation lasted 10 months before he suddenly disappeared. While some had believed he was kidnapped, it was later determined he decided to leave the hype behind and go deeper into the Nepal jungle to continue meditation. He felt there was “no peace” while remaining in an area that had become a tourist attraction in Nepal.”

There is another person I want to include in this article and that is an Indian man named Prahlad Jani who claims to have not taken any food or drink for 70 years. Here is an excerpt from an article from The Telegraph about research being conducted on him by the government of India:

“Prahlad Jani is being held in isolation in a hospital in Ahmedabad, Gurjarat, where he is being closely monitored by India’s defense research organization, who believe he may have a genuine quality which could help save lives.

He has now spent six days without food or water under strict observation and doctors say his body has not yet shown any adverse effects from hunger or dehydration.”

Here is a short documentary on him that is highly recommended:

As you can see so far not all of these people’s stories can be explained away by conventional means as there is an unconventional, imperceptible and metaphysical component to it all. We are learning as a species that we have more than 5 senses and that our bodies are much more intelligent and powerful than we have been led to believe, hence the attacks on those who research this topic.

I was surprised to read one of Cobra’s previous posts about this way of life and I wanted to include it here for you:

“The secret of physical immortality is one of the deepest occult secrets of the Light forces that has never been revealed to anybody who has not reached a certain vibrational frequency, a certain inner purity and a certain degree of dedication to the Light.

I will now reveal to the surface population as much as it is wise to reveal.

Physical immortality is reached through a certain conversion process, which is done by the right combination of three factors:

1. Reversal of the entropy processes in mitochondria:

2. Reversal of the entropy processes in the energy bodies. This can be achieved by sacred union between female and male polarity with inner and outer alchemy.

3. Regular intake of the elixir of life to support the process. Of the two versions available, the mineral version is more effective and more powerful than the herbal version.”

So as I postulated earlier it appears to be that Breatharianism is a part of the entire Ascension process that a being can experienced here while in a human 3rd Density body.

Now in my research I found there are other ways to achieve this state of being. One of them is an ancient practice called Sun Gazing. It takes longer and is much more gradual but does have the same effect which is that one gradually loses appetite for physical food and subsists on the background energy of the Cosmos, among other health benefits. I will reiterate here that I highly recommend doing research into anything like this before attempting to try it if you chose to do so by your free will.

Image result for sun gazing

A man named Hira Ratan Manek has been doing a lot of walking the walk in terms of actually living on light via Sun Gazing and touring the world sharing his experience and knowledge with others who desire to seek further into the world outside The Matrix and ‘normal boundaries’.Image result for Hira Ratan Manek

Here is a short bio of him:

“Hira Ratan Manek was born on 12th of September 1937 in Bodhavad, India, was raised in Calicut, Kerala, India, where he had his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Kerala. After graduation, he joined the family shipping and spice trading business and continued working there until he retired in 1992.

After he retired, he began to research and study the ancient practice of sun gazing in which he had been interested in since his childhood. This method was an old but forgotten method, which had been practiced, in the ancient times in many different parts of the world.”

Research into Hira Ratan Manek, Jasmuheen and Prahlad Jani by several doctors in India can be found on this PDF which was published in the Gujarat Medical Journal March – 2001.

There is a documentary that I recommend watching as it has some scientific standards and tests that are used to determine the affects of Sun Gazing on the brain and body. The creator of the documentary Matthew Wilcox is a student undergoing the practice of Sun Gazing and having his brain hooked up to a machine to see what happens to it while he is being monitored. You get to see the results in the documentary.

He also visits an eye doctor to see if there is any damage sustained from doing these practices and as Matthew expects they find nothing. There is apparently no UV radiation coming from the sun during sun rise and sunset and these are the suggested times that one stand outside and look out into the Sun. It sounds crazy but there are a lot of people that have had successful health benefits and no adverse problems as a result.

Again these individuals are attacked intensely because of the programming installed into us from birth. The entire way our reality and bodies work needs to be updated and re-written as it is much more amazing and metaphysical than we could have ever imagined.

So this is everything I wanted to share. As you can see I did a gargantuan amount of research into this phenomenon and found amazing things and people that seem to be genuine to me. Of course there are others who will always dismiss this information because it doesn’t fit into their reality bubble. Not to mention the army of paid trolls and disinformation agents ready to pounce on anyone who doesn’t fit the pre-conditioned mold we are all supposed to fit into.


5 Common New Age Misconceptions

The new-age movement, along with many of the ideologies that New Ageism encourages, has been popularized in the past few years, especially with rise of social media. I am all for self-empowerment, spiritual exploration and personal development, but some ideologies New Ageism preaches are misleading, false, and even dangerous.

Here are 5 common misconceptions that need to be corrected and understood:

1)  Ignore The Negative

Many people have been mislead to believe that you “give power” to something that is harmful simply by putting your attention upon it and becoming aware of it.  Therefore, you should never pay attention to, or talk about anything that is “negative”.

CORRECTION:  Seeing the negative for what it is creates the ability to prepare oneself against its harmful affects,  and possibly even avert those affects entirely.  Refusing to look at critical information just because it makes you feel scared or uncomfortable is willfully choosing to remain in a state of ignorance, and therefore to remain un-conscious.

2)  Never Get Angry

Many people have adopted the notion that anger is something to overcome or shut out completely.  They categorize anger into the “negative” basket, and instead promote replacing it with feelings of peace, love and light.  The danger in this is it creates apathy and passivity to the injustices happening in our world today.

CORRECTION:  We have a moral guidance system for a reason.  For example, watching an innocent person be tortured, or seeing animals being abused will naturally evoke anger in a morally sound individual.  This anger is not to be mistaken for something that needs to be shut out, but something that should be channeled productively.  Righteous indignation, a form of anger when one senses injustice— can be a major motivation to create positive change in the world and should not be condemned or suppressed.

3)  There Is No Right And Wrong 

A common, widespread misconception is that there is no such thing as right and wrong, and that the concept of right and wrong is “dualistic” and therefore invalid.  Furthermore,  many who have been convinced that there is no objective right and wrong will often try to convince people (and themselves) that everything is OK.


CORRECTION:  This way of thinking is known as moral relativism, and is not only delusional but dangerous.  This makes people feel comfortable and justified in failing to take responsibility for their actions (or lack of actions) and the effects that has on others.  There most certainly is objective right and wrong, and although we share unity as beings on the same planet or similar spiritual journeys, everything is NOT okay.  

We are living in times of great injustice, violence, inequality and preventable suffering.  Anyone who tries to convince you that immoral actions can not be proven immoral due to their uncertainty of ‘reality’, or claim that all things that happen are part of a ‘divine plan’ are unfortunately part of the problem.

It is common for people to twist and re-define what is right and what is wrong based on what is easy for them, what works for them, and what is most comfortable for them.  However, right and wrong are not modifiable to your convenience.  Immoral actions remain immoral regardless of how you view them.

4)  There Is No Truth: Perception = Reality

Many people have adopted the idea that you can never really know the ultimate truth about the reality we live in.  This is also known as solipsism; the ideology that only one’s own mind and perceptions are sure to exist.  Another common misunderstanding passed around is, “Perception is reality” or “reality is perception.”

CORRECTION:  While the solipsistic ideology is often confused for a high-minded philosophical outlook, it is really nothing more than a way for one to be vastly disconnected from reality.  Objective reality DOES exist.  The truth CAN be known.  Ones perception and actual reality are not one in the same.  How one perceives reality only changes how they perceive it— it can not and will never change what is actually taking place.


“Solipsism is a defining hallmark of spiritual infancy.  Departing from this disease ideology is a sure-fire sign of the beginnings of human maturity and spiritual development.”  —Mark Passio

5)  What You Resist Persists… So Don’t Resist

A very common belief in the New Age movement is that one should overcome ‘resistance.’  The natural urge to resist almost anything has been coined as negative or detrimental to our happiness and health amongst spiritual individuals and new-agers.  We are taught to overcome resistance using spiritual techniques like meditation, yoga and acceptance.  We are also taught that what we resist… will persist.

CORRECTION:  Resistance itself is not a bad thing.  In fact, it is necessary if we want to take back our power and control over our lives, and ensure the safety of the planet and future generations.  If we do not resist evil that is destroying the good in the world, freedom, health, happiness— it will continue to. (If we do not resist the evil that is destroying freedom, health, and happiness in the world, then nothing will change or improve.)

The New Age movement has twisted and abused spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga into means to take people’s minds off the fact that they have been enslaved, and make it easy for them to just accept the current condition of the world as their lot in life.  Shutting out your resistance is a good way to ensure that you will never take action to try to change the things that are wrong with the world.

How long do you think change in racial equality would have taken if people like Martin Luther King Jr. meditated their resistance away?
 The resistance you experience in situations is likely because something is not right.  So, don’t ignore your resistance— utilize it in a productive way to bring about change. Take action.

If gone unchecked, the New Age movement can easily lead one down a road of delusional mindsets that cater to not taking responsibility for ones actions and the effect that those actions (or lack of action) have on the world!  As Adyashanti said,  “Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”

While spiritual development, inner peace and a knowledge of oneself is important, it is equally as important to speak out against injustice, fight for change, and take moral responsibility for ones actions.  

It is also our shared responsibility at this time to help to awaken others by continuously speaking the Truth un-apologetically, even if we feel burdened by this task, and even if it makes ALL of those involved feel uncomfortable. The truth of the current human condition and the state of world SHOULD make you feel uncomfortable.  Use that discomfort to motivate yourself to create real change in the world through action.


The world does not need any more un-affected gurus or passive, apathetic followers.  It needs activists, change-makers, speakers and do-ers.  Be the change. Don’t get sucked into the misunderstandings, misconceptions and delusional dogmas that come with religions such as New Ageism.  True spirituality includes responsibility, morality, and using your will to take action for positive change and the good of this planet and all the beings we share it with.



Intellectually, it is easy to understand the many reasons to change the way that we live upon our earth. Erratic and unpredictable weather, depleted soils, unsafe drinking water, deforestation and vanishing wildlife are all obvious signs that the society we have created is unsustainable.

But even with this glaring evidence in front of us, many people are still unwilling to change or even feel that there is no problem to fix. Or worst of all, they feel that they are unable to make a difference in such a big, dysfunctional society.

For many, they still cling to outdated ideals and beliefs like an old security blanket, hoping if they just stay hiding beneath it, the problems will disappear. That, or they are too uncomfortable with letting go of aspects of their lives that they feel are necessary to their happiness. It all seems so much easier to carry on with business as usual.

But why are the warning signs still not getting through? Our food security, the air we breathe, water we drink, life as we know it, are literally all at stake here. Shouldn’t this be enough to shake up humanity?

Perhaps the real problem is the disconnect that much of humanity has from the earth. The earth is still seen as a “thing” rather than our home and our mother that longs to take care of us.

When we are disconnected we cannot hear the cries from the earth, or feel the urgency of these times, or accept the simple lessons and love that nature has to share with us.

When we approach nature from an open, spiritual perspective, we soon realize that our life upon this earth becomes an exchange and interaction with our surroundings. There are absolutely no moments when nature will not be engaging with you once you open yourself to it.

Once we reconnect, our illusion of separation dissolves and we become aware of the oneness that flows through all of life.

Ancient cultures lived and breathed this way of life, and there are communities around the world who still do. Fortunately, any one of us in the modern world can quite simply live a life that is spiritually connected to our earth. No matter if you are in the middle of a busy city or living your life out in the country, nature still surrounds you. It is not as easily accessible for the city dweller of course, and at times may seem challenging, but you are still breathing air and feeling sunshine, there are plants, trees, pets and birds, and therefore, nature is with you.

We are all her children, after all, and this connection is still alive inside all of us, waiting to be awakened.

There is no time to waste in reclaiming our Divine connection with our earth mother. In fact, it is our souls’ desire and part of our purpose for being here at this crucial time.

Perhaps the most beautiful discovery you will have when you reconnect with nature is the realization that nature has been waiting patiently for your return home. Nature has been waiting for this connection, this healing, since the moment you were born. This explains why babies and small children are always happy when taken outside. They are immediately calmed because nature is familiar.

As you reconnect, no matter how many years you have been in absence, you will find that you will not be scolded, reprimanded, or punished. Nature welcomes us with open arms and unconditional love, truly accepting and appreciating us for who we are.

Nature can see our Divine light, and she teaches us to see the Divine light in all other life as well.

We recognize that everything on this earth has a consciousness, and that every plant, animal, rock, mineral, snowflake, drop of water, absolutely all of it, has a role and a purpose. We begin to understand and honor the role that we all play as we are all helping one another throughout our ascension and the ascension of our earth.

We are all in this together, having chose to be here on the earth through this process, and the earth has chose to help us as well. Every loving act that we share helps others as well as ourselves to become lighter, brighter, ascended versions of ourselves, just as every lower vibration act, such as greed, jealousy, or unthoughtful actions, drops us as well.

Nature is here for us, we must simply open our hearts.

Speak to the trees, tell that bird how much you appreciate their song, let your pets know how much you love them and that you are grateful for their love. Nature is telepathic, so you don’t have to speak out loud. You can state these things in your mind as you step out to your car or are walking down the street, or even think of them as you are falling asleep, as gratitude is a great way to relax the mind and body. You will find that you wake up peaceful or that your dreams were visited by a messenger from nature with a wisdom for you, or perhaps just a display of gratitude.

As I said, nature is ready and willing to engage when we are. We have been shut off for so many years that I have found that many times when I attempt communication with an animal for the first time, they seem caught off guard by my openness. They have come to believe that we are not listening.

Walk barefoot as much as you can, feel the earth, step gently, notice the sensation of the wind upon your face, the sun on your skin, the smell in the air after a rain. Engage all of your senses and experience nature the way that nature intended.

Many times I have had insects land upon my skin, and I have watched them as they scooted up and down my arms. I could feel the strong sensation that it was their wonder and curiousity of me which inspired them to land on my skin in the first place.

Notice plants reaching out to you as well, as they long to feel your touch upon their leaves.

Ask nature to teach you, and to heal you. Be open to the many different ways that nature will communicate with you. Be observant of all life that crosses your path. Look into plant and animal symbolism. Allow yourself to wander and see what you are drawn to. Try daydreaming of your favorite places. What is the landscape like? Is there water, mountains, forest, desert, caves, fields, or pastures? What kind of animal and plant life is there? What is the weather like? Determine what part of nature speaks to your soul. Ask her what you need to know.

Be persistent. Be sincere. Be patient. You are developing a friendship, and just as you would go about making friends with another human being, there are the same courtesies to respect in regards to building a friendship with nature as well. Yes, nature wants to communicate, but try not to be too pushy or demanding. And do not be picky about how your interactions will happen. I was stung by a bumblebee this past spring as a reminder to “wake up!” and follow my own heart. I have undergone a lot of growth this past year, and I didn’t always care for the message or the way I received it, but I am truly grateful and trusting of it as it has always been in my best interest.

Nature is a constant reflection of the life that is around her, therefore she is constantly communicating with us. She is constantly sharing her wisdoms with those who will listen. Sometimes her reflection shows something we don’t particularly like, but it always comes with sound advice and an opportunity to grow.

No life is better than another. We are not entitled nor superior.

To nature, there is no death. She is in a state of constant ebbing and flowing like the tides. She is constantly transforming and is happy to give of herself. This is why it is of utmost importance to give thanks to the earth for her nourishment and support that she provides. A silent thank you before we take a bite of our supper, appreciation for the trees that provided our homes, or taking a moment to stop and admire the sky, no matter the weather, all of these simple acts of gratitude expand our consciousness and the consciousness of our earth.

Always remember, absolutely no act of kindness ever goes unnoticed by nature. It is only humans who often fail to notice the subtleties of life. Nature will always long to help you in return.

As our connection with the earth strengthens, we will find it impossible to not live our lives in alignment with this connection. We will find ourselves yearning to be outside more and enjoy nature peacefully, without the noise of man. We will stop and pick up that piece of trash, we will be advocates for recycling and reducing waste, and mindfully purchase what we need from responsible and compassionate farmers and companies.

We also become fulfilled with simpler activities and will notice that our need for many “things” will vanish from our lives as we begin to realize just how unnecessary many of them really are.

Not only that, as we become more sensitive to the voice of nature, we also become sensitive to the voice of our own bodies. We will notice changes in the foods that we crave and may find ourselves making healthy lifestyle changes as we become more aware of the needs of our bodies. This is us waking up to our own natures and we will find ourselves healing and shifting into greater vitality.

As our connection deepens, our presence becomes gentler, and we will not only find nature gravitating towards us, but other people will as well. Be prepared to hear comments such as, “how are you so calm?” or “you seem so happy.”

If you are a parent, you will discover that reconnecting with nature will awaken your inner child, and that you will develop a deeper bond with your own children. You will find yourself feeling like a child again, and your children will respond. They will see you in a way that they never had before, and will know that you see them for who they really are as well.

It is when we are surrounded in the unconditional love of our earth mother that our own innocence and Divine light, and the Divine presence of the Universe, can flow through us unobstructed and uninhibited. Our true wild natures are revealed to us and set free in this space of unconditional love.

So please, step around the bugs on the ground, enjoy the songs of the birds, appreciate the purpose of all creatures, including the rats, the snakes, and the mosquitoes. Show unabashed and shameless gratitude for the food that you eat and the air that you breathe. Chew slowly, breathe deeply. Thank the water as you wash your hands, or have a bath, or when refreshing yourself as you sip. Become comfortable in your connection with your earth mother, and you will unknowingly be showing the way for others to do the same.

And this is when we truly understand the reasons for needing to change the way we live upon this earth. We actually live and become the solution every moment of our lives because we are in constant connection with the earth as she becomes integrated into our being.

We are the loving caretakers of our beautiful earth. It is our souls’ longing and purpose to do so.

Let’s allow her to be the magical place that she really is. When we do this, we will discover how magical our lives can really be as well.

And remember, it all happens one step, one moment, one day at a time. This is a connection that we are making for the long haul, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel it all happening right away or if you ever feel that you aren’t doing a good enough job or being a good steward of the earth. Nature knows your heart. We are all getting there, and as long as we remain open for improvement, the changes will happen and our earth will be in good hands.