Introduction – Please Read

If you still think that Western Governments aren’t controlled by a shadow order, such as the banking dynasty and other special interests, then you’re still an engineered advocate for the control system.

In fact, many of your beliefs about the world are most likely false. No matter if you look at your philosophical or systemic beliefs, you’ve been purposely dumbed down by the main stream media to endorse a series of false narratives that perpetuate a system designed for the benefit of a few.

You’re not alone though, so don’t freak out; most politicians, doctors, teachers, academics, journalists and fellow human beings are not aware of their own perceptual and economic enslavement too. Once you truly accept that the beliefs you have are either inaccurate or incomplete, you then need to begin a process of reprogramming yourself to awaken to the deeper truths of your world.

And it’s easy too, once you put your pride to the side.

Within this site are some of the bigger pictures that you personally need to investigate to come to your own well-informed opinion. Discernment is key. This will not be a ‘this way or the highway’ approach; it is more of a guide to encourage you to do your own follow up research.

In addition, please be reminded that the mainstream media – which besides the monetary system is the primary mechanism of control – should NOT be relied on as a bearer of truth because it is more a reflection of the social engineering agendas that characterize living in this day and age. Alternatively, if you want to come to a perspective that is more closely aligned to the truth, then you have no option but to navigate the independent channels that feature the growing number of independent journalists, researches and truth seekers.